We are located
in Martin Road Park,
by the E Lewiston entrance,
in Ferndale, Michigan.

(see map)


• If you would like a schedule of our meetings, garden events or garden related events just check out our calendar.

• To become a member, please contact us at: gngMembership@yahoo.com

GNG Community Garden

Mexican sunflowers against the morning sky

About Us

Our Mission
The mission of the GNG is to encourage support and promote a relationship between individuals, families and the earth through gardening, education and events.

Our Members
Our garden is open to the residents of Ferndale, Michigan, and neighboring communities.

Our Garden
The GNG is an organic garden that generally follows the USDA organic rules.

Currently there are several areas set aside for garden members to care for and harvest communally. These include the raised beds towards the front, the raspberry plants in a plot by the rear fence, and the children's plots. We also have a communal area for perennial flowers and herbs. Most recently, we set up a butterfly garden at the front.

The food grown in the community plots is available to both members and local residents who are not garden members.

In 2016, we constructed 22 private plots where members can grow their own food, for themselves and their families. In 2017, we added seven more plots. We now have a total of 29 private raised beds, and one private ground plot.