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Instruction text (below) by Good Neighbors Garden member, John Ulinski

Some garden members have asked me about the tomato trellis design I used last year.

Basically, it is constructed out of thinwall electrical conduit (easily found at hardware stores or Home Depot, Lowe's etc).

Frame: The uprights and top horizontal piece are out of 1/2 inch thinwall electrical conduit. Thinwall typically comes
in 10 ft. lengths and is easy to cut with a hacksaw blade.

Upper Joints: The upper, horizontal support is attached to the 2 upright legs by 90 degree 1/2 " thinwall connectors. The connectors have set screws that tighten on the pipes and hold them together.

Lower supports: Once together, the trellis is anchored by two 3/4 inch pieces of electrical thinwall conduit two feet long. The 2 feet stubs are pounded into the ground 4 feet apart, about a foot deep. I used a short piece of 2x4 to protect the top of the stub when I pounded it in the ground. lf you disfigure the stub opening, the upright may not slide into it.

Lower Supports (continued): The trellis uprights are placed into the ground stubs and that's it.

Once my tomato seedlings start growing I tie a string loosely (allow for the tomato stalk to get
larger) around the seedling base below lower branches.

Tie the top of the string to the horizontal support.

As your seedling grows, continue to wrap, or intertwine the plant around the string. NOTE: You may vary the height and width as you see fit. I think some of my horizontals may have been 5 feet last year.

Feel free to email me or call if you have questions. John 248-921-8634